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Green tea blended with abundantly aromatic little yellowish Osmanthus flowers, this tea is one that truly plays with your senses.


Pack Size: 70g


Unlike other flower tea, the Osmanthus are left in the tea during the drying process and the flower blossoms dries to a golden orange color. The looks of the tea - captivating.

 It taste…

… a little sweet, not sugary sweet, but like honey sweet.

… a little floral, not as pronounced as it smells, but yes the floral note is unmistakable.

… a little bitter, but hardly noticeable.

… a little fruity like apricot, or pear, or apple… you decide.


This beautiful tea brews into a cup of pale yellow, but highly seductive and romantic. 

Origin: Guangxi, China

Tasting Notes: Honey Floral, Fruity and Complex

Caffeine: Medium

Preparation: 1 teaspoon, 1 - 3 minutes at  75° - 80° C