Iron Goddess

Tie Kuan Yin (Goddess Tea)
Iron Goddess tea - Bubblish

Iron Goddess

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The Iron Goddess of Mercy or Tie Kuan Yin (in Chinese) is simply the most famous of Oolong teas. The bright green pellets of tea leaves brew into a cup of golden yellow, tasting as awesome as it looks.


Pack Size: 70g


Our Iron Goddess is from Anxi region of Fujian province in China, the place believed to be where the tea itself originates in the 1800s. This fame tea is produced using the tradinational method of “Wrap-Kneading”, where the withered, bruised and oxidised leaves are wrapped in a cloth and rolled to form tightly knitted pellets.

Harvested in autumn, the leaves retain the ripeness and super fine flavour with an unmistakable floral hint. On first brew, the leaves unfurl to give a golden yellow hue, aromatic notes capturing all senses. On subsequent brews, the flavours further develop and the taste lingers, to be yet enjoyed again.

Origin: Fujian, China

Tasting Notes: Sweet and velvety. Medium bodied and lingering

Caffeine: Medium

Preparation:1 teasespoon, 2 - 3 minutes at 95 - 100°C

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