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what is bubble tea?

Bubble tea or Boba tea is a drink from Taiwan, with a history of more than 40 years!

It is usually made with a base tea, mixed with milk or fruit flavors and finally served with toppings!


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Let us begin by explaining the primary toppings we use at Bubblish.



These are small balls made from tapioca flour, an extract from the roots of cassava plants.

After cooking, these balls become chewy and spongy and although gelatinous in texture, it is completely free of gelatin and in fact, it is vegan!


Thought of making your own boba?
Our step by step guide walks you through this!


cream cap

Contrary to the toppings that usually sink to the bottom of the bubble tea, the cream cap is a foamy layer of savoury vanilla cream floating on top of the tea! A hint- DO NOT MIX the layers, the cream and tea should be drunk separately to feel the contrast between the two. An awesome topping to pair with the awesome tea we serve at Bubblish! 


Poppa or popping bobas are tiny balls of fruit juice wrapped in seaweed extract. The balls burst when bitten, juice is released and at the same time, a split second of “pop” in one’s mouth!


different types of bubble tea…

milk tea

The classic of the classics. Tea with milk, shaken with ice and served with caramelised tapioca pearls.

Warm or cold - take your pick.


#Premium Milk Tea Collection

brown sugar milk tea

An indulgent sugar treat and contrary to its name, this bubble tea has no tea.

Served with authentic Taiwanese brown sugar, milk and boba, the toasty and aromatic taste will linger and keeps one asking for more!

Warm or cold - both are equally good.

#Bubblish Brown Sugar Milk Tea*


*bubblish adds a dash of tea into our version of this classic


fruity tea

No sweat if milk is not your thing, the fruity flavor based bubble drinks are equally yummy-licious! Passionfruit, green apple, lychee, grape are some popular flavors that go great with the different tea base with toppings! Mix it up to find your favorite.

Best cold.

#The Fruity Ones


creamy cap

Tea with a layer of savory cream. As weird as the combination sounds, this is a true explosion for your senses with pure aroma of the tea contrast with a salty-luxurious vanilla cream cap.

Warm or cold - find your preferred.


#Creamy Cap Collection