About - The Team

professionals by day, hobbyists by night & bubble tea lovers all the time!!!!

the engineer . the treasurer . the pilot .


the founders of bubblish bubble tea…

We are a team of three - the fabulous trios!

The Girl who loves eating and drinking, the one who creates the menu and recipes for bubblish!

Boy One who coordinates and runs the show in the background, who found bubblish’s “favorite taro”!

Boy Two who builds and designs everything one sees and the familiar face in the shop!


Together, we bring East and West together with authenticity and creativity with quality and sustainability at the very top of our agenda!


“I have tried more than 20 different types of taro mixtures to find this taro we serve! Taro bubble tea is the reason why i am here.“

— Boy One, Steven K


“There is nothing more exciting than creating something new. What more, something that brings joy and happiness!”

— Boy Two, Philip F



We brew each cup of tea under stringent time, pressure and temperature controlled conditions specific to the requirements of the tea leaves. This way, we are sure to bring our customers the quality and full anti-oxidant benefits of tea drinking, coupled with the bubble fun factor!