Frequently Asked Questions

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What does Bubblish mean?

The word "bubble" is synoymn to innocence and happiness and we really really feel this word! So much so that our founders' have a little boy dog name Bubble!

At the epitome of our company's goal, we would LOVE to associate our products with sweet memories, joy and happiness!

So, combining Happiness and Delicious OR Bubbles with Delish, both read Bubblish!

Why is Bubblish different from other bubble tea shops?

Walk into Bubblish and you will not find large liquid dispensers behind our counter. You will instead find our bar with elegant, beautiful tea brewing machines, known as Teapresso.

These tea machines are specially imported to ensure that we can serve our drinks with tea at maximum freshness and to the elegant quality that one deserves.

What forms of payment are accepted at the shop?

We accept cash, most forms of card payments and mobile payments. Our mobile payment options include TWINT, Apply Pay and Google Pay. We regret to inform that we do not accept Post Finance payments at the moment, but we are looking to expand our service to include this.


What is Bubble Tea?

It is a tea-based drink commonly served cold with tapioca pearls. Learn more about bubble tea in our page on About Bubble Tea.

Why do I not find coffee in your menu?

At Bubblish, we adhere to the spirit and the authenticity of bubble tea where the original of the original was served with purely tea.

Are your products gluten-free?

Most of our menu are gluten free. Please clarify with our Bubblishtas for details.

Are your products vegan?

Most of our menu are vegan friendly or can be made to vegan. Look out for the vegan sign as an indication.

All our toppings are vegan, and they contain no gelatin.

Traditional milk can be swapped out for vegan friendly milk. Our Taro series and Himalayan Snow cap series are not vegan as they consist Sodium Caseinate, a derivative from milk.

How do you store your leftover Boba?

This is a big no no no for bubblish!

We do not keep leftover Boba as these taste good only the same day they are cooked. Fresh Boba makes a whole lot of difference to your bubble tea.

How many toppings can I have in a drink?

As much as you like. If you are getting more than 2 toppings, we highly recommend you getting the Large size drink as it will give us space to give the liquid base – trust us, the tea is great as well.

Which of your products are organic?

Some of our tea leaves and some of our milk are of organic origins. Look out for the logo or ask our friendly Bubblishtas for more information.

I am lactose intolerant, what are my milk options?

You could swap out traditional milk for Oat milk or if you like the taste of traditional milk, we do offer Lactose free milk as well.

What are your vegan milk options?

We proudly serve OATLY's oat milk as our vegan/ plant-based milk!

Why do you only serve Oat milk and not other milk alternatives?

We tested most milk alternatives - oat, coconut, rice, almond, soy and cashew. We found only Oat to be suitable and catered for our needs in achieving a balanced taste and good consistency of our bubble tea.

Bubblish does not offer something for the sake of offering something.

Do your drinks contain sugar?

Yes – most of our drinks do contain sugar through syrups and/or toppings, we do not add additional sweetener.

For most of the drinks, you would be able to select your sugar level.

What is the shelf life of the bubble tea purchased?

For bubble tea, we recommend them be drunk within the first hour of purchase as the temperature and taste served would be the most optimal at point of serving. Nevertheless, Boba based bubble tea would be best within 8 hours and Poppa based bubble tea would stay great for 12 hours. Remember to keep them chilled.

What is the shelf life of the merchandises?

For products purchased, they have various shelf life; check the individual packaging for more information.


Do you deliver bubble tea?

Yes we do, to selected places within Zurich City.

Check out our page on Uber Eats for more details.

Do you ship online merchandise internationally?

Unfortunately, no. Currently, we ship our online merchandise locally in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

We are working on this and looking to start international shipping very soon! Stay tuned.

What is the delivery cost?

The price of shipping is calculated at checkout.

Can I pick up my order at the shop?


Select the option “pick up from the shop” on checkout.

When will my order be ready to ship?

It will typically be processed within 2 – 3 business days. We will send you an email to notify of any status update.

Can I cancel my order?

Please contact us immediately if you wish to cancel your order.

An administration fee of CHF 3 will be charged if you cancel the order after it has been processed, but not yet shipped.

Cancellation cannot be processed if the parcel has been shipped.

Can I return my order?

We cannot accept returns for perishable items. For other product returns, please contact us, stating the reason for returning the product.

Products are eligible for return within 14 days from receipt if they are unused and in saleable condition.

Goods purchased online can only be returned by post; please write to before making a return. We do not provide a free return service and do not refund postage costs incurred because of the return.

Refunds will be paid within 14 days.

What should I do if my delivery is incorrect?

Please contact us immediately with photographic image of all the items received so we can investigate further.

Loyalty Program

Participating Outlets

Our loyalty program is available at participating stores:
Bubblish @Seefeld
Bubblish @Stadelhofen

This list is subjected to changes and updates at the discretion of Bubblish GmbH.

I lost my digital card, what should I do?

Please write to us at indicating your name and email address with which you subscribed for the program. We will send you the download link to your card.

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