Tea Leaves

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    a range of tea for all tea lovers!

    12 products
    Osmanthus Flower Tea Dried Flower
    Osmanthus - Bubblish
    Sweet Osmanthus
    CHF 14.00
    Rose Black tea - Bubblish
    Rose Black Tea in Bowl
    Rose Black Tea
    CHF 14.00
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    Butterfly Pea Flower - Bubblish
    Butterfly Pea Flower Tea - Bubblish Front
    Butterfly Pea Flower
    CHF 12.00
    Fine Jasimine tea, BIO
    Fine Jasmine, bio - Bubblish
    Fine Jasmine, bio
    CHF 14.00
    Organic Assam Tea - bubblish
    Assam, bio
    CHF 10.00
    Tie Kuan Yin (Goddess Tea)
    Iron Goddess tea - Bubblish
    Iron Goddess
    CHF 13.00
    Four Seasons Spring tea - Bubblish
    Four Seasons Spring
    CHF 12.00
    Charcoal Roasted Oolong tea - Bubblish
    Charcoal Roasted Oolong
    CHF 12.00
    Ruanda Rukeri, bio - Bubblish Tea
    Ruanda Rukeri, bio - Bubblish
    Ruanda Rukeri, bio
    CHF 12.00
    Chun Mee, bio - Bubblish  Tea Leaves
    Chun Mee, bio - Bubblish
    Chun Mee, bio
    CHF 13.00
    Balmoral Blend tea - Bubblish
    Balmoral Blend tea
    Balmoral Blend
    CHF 13.00
    Green Tea Gunpowder "ToH" - Bubblish
    Green Tea Gunpowder ToH (Temple of Heaven)
    Gun Powder, "TOH"
    CHF 10.00