Syrup & Powder

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    Flavors for milk tea or for fruit tea - we have them all!
    25 products
    Blueberry Bubble Tea Concentrate Syrup Blaubeere  Sirup
    Blueberry Syrup 320g -Bubblish
    Blueberry Syrup
    from CHF 12.00
    Brown Sugar Bubble Tea Concentrate Syrup Braunerzucker Sirup
    Brown Sugar Syrup Premium - Bubblish
    Brown Sugar Syrup Premium
    from CHF 14.00
    Grape Bubble Tea Concentrate Syrup Trauben Sirup
    Grape Syrup Concentrate -Bubblish
    Grape Syrup
    from CHF 12.00
    Green Apple Bubble Tea Concentrate Syrup Grüner ApfelSirup
    Green Apple Syrup 320g - Bubblish
    Green Apple Syrup
    CHF 12.00
    Kiwi Syrup 320g - Bubblish
    Kiwi Concentrate Syrup - Bubblish
    Kiwi Syrup
    from CHF 12.00
    Lychee Bubble Tea Concentrate Syrup Litschi Sirup
    Litchi Syrup Concentrate 320g -Bubblish
    Lychee (Litchi) Syrup
    from CHF 12.00
    Sweet and Juicy Mango Syrup
    Mango Syrup Concentrate
    Mango Syrup
    CHF 12.00
    Passion Fruit Bubble Tea Concentrate Syrup Passionsfrucht Sirup
     Passion Fruit Syrup Concentrate -Bubblish
    Passionfruit Syrup
    from CHF 12.00
    Peach Syrup Concentrate 320g -Bubblish
    Peach Syrup Concentrate 2.5kg -Bubblish
    Peach Syrup
    from CHF 12.00
    Pineapple Syrup Concentrate -Bubblish
    Pineapple Bubble Tea Concentrate Syrup Ananas Sirup
    Pineapple Syrup
    from CHF 12.00
    Red Plum Bubble Tea Concentrate Syrup Rote Pflaume Sirup
    320g of Red Plum Syrup Concentrate
    Red Plum Syrup
    CHF 12.00
    Strawberry Bubble Tea Concentrate Syrup Erdbeere Sirup
    Strawberry Syrup (with pulp) - Bubblish
    Strawberry Syrup (with pulp)
    from CHF 12.00
    Watermelon Syrup - Bubblish
    Watermelon Syrup
    from CHF 12.00
    Winter Melon Concentrate Syrup
    Wintermelon Syrup - Bubblish
    Winter Melon Syrup
    from CHF 12.00
    Lavender Bubble tea Powder Doypack Sticker
    Lavender Flavored Powder - Bubblish
    Lavender Powder
    from CHF 12.60
    Banana Bubble tea Powder - non dairy
    Bubblish Banana Powder DoyPack Sticker
    Banana Powder
    from CHF 12.60
    Taro Bubble tea Powder - non dairy
    Bubblish Taro Powder DoyPack Sticker
    Taro Powder
    from CHF 12.60
    Strawberry Tea Powder -Bubblish
    Strawberry Powder
    from CHF 12.60
    Matcha bubble Tea Powder - Bubblish
    Matcha Powder
    from CHF 12.60
    Raspberry Bubble tea Powder - Bubblish
    Raspberry Powder
    from CHF 12.60
    Black Sesame Flavored Power
    Sesame Powder
    from CHF 12.60
    Non - Dairy Creamer | Bubblish
    Non-Dairy Creamer
    CHF 8.00
    Creme Brulee Aromatic Syrup -Bubblish
    Crème Brûlée Syrup
    from CHF 13.00
    Tiramisu Syrup Concentrate
    Tiramisu Syrup
    from CHF 13.00
    Blueberry Flavored Power | non-diary creamer
    Blueberry Powder
    from CHF 12.60