Brown Sugar Milk Tea- make it at home!

by Jadeeyah Abang

Make your very own brown sugar milk tea at the comforts of your home! Mucho mucho brown sugar oder wenig wenig brown sugar - you decide, literally!

Did you know that brown sugar used in bubble tea is different from common store bought brown sugar? The former contains high content of molasses, a thick syrup which has a distinct color and taste. What more, there are many claims of health benefits associated with molasses!

To make this delicious treat, pick up one of our Brown Sugar Milk Tea kit DIY and start making your version of this delicious treat!

Add a serving of Assam tea for a good kick to the yum factor - the Bubblish way.



  • 30ml Brown Sugar Syrup
  • 50ml Assam Tea (optional)
  • 250ml Milk (or any vegan milk)
  • 1/2cup Ice

Cooking Time

  • 2 minutes


  • Add ice to glass.
  • Drip the brown sugar syrup around the glass OR pour the syrup into the glass.
  • Pour in the milk and ta-da- ready to drink!!

If you fancy, add assam tea to complement this!

Let us know how it goes!



★ Pro Tip ★
Brown Sugar Milk Tea pairs awesome with black boba! Check this out to making your own boba!


Snap away your brown sugar bubble tea and tag us on Instagram @bubblish_bubbletea
Let us see what you have created!!

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