Ways to Enjoy Bubble Tea with Friends

by Jadeeyah Abang

A photo of two friends outdoors, each holding up a cup of Bubblish bubble tea.
There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a delicious bubble tea alone—but imagine how fun it is to enjoy with friends and family! At our
bubble tea shop here in Zürich, we have seen a lot of groups enjoying bubble tea. Classmates and work colleagues alike find bonding over cups of milk tea a great way to spend time together. After all, just sitting and chatting are one of the many ways to enjoy bubble tea with friends!

Here’s a list of some fun activities you can do while drinking bubble tea with friends.

#1 Eat snacks together 

Like many drinks, bubble tea can be complemented with snacks to fill your and your friends tummies. Not only will your stomach be satisfied, your heart will be filled too because according to experts, sharing a meal with loved ones can make a person feel connected and loved. Also, eating together with friends also makes people more at ease and comfortable in their relationships, so you are not just spending time together but improving your friendship!

#2 Watching movies

If you and your friends are more into movies than into foods, that’s no problem! You guys can enjoy bubble tea while watching films. You and your friends don’t even need to go to the cinema to see a movie. As long as you have streaming apps in your laptop or TV, your group can come together at your house and watch a film together in the comfort of your own home. And if it’s a horror movie, you can always chew on bobas to relieve tension!

#3 Play board games

Here’s another way to enjoy bubble tea with friends: do it while playing board games, card games, and table top games! Most friends choose soda and beer as drinks when hanging out to play games, but why not replace those drinks with bubble tea? Bubble tea can be just as delightful as any carbonated or alcoholic beverage at games. It’s sweet, refreshing, and can go perfectly with multiplayer games like Exploding Kittens, Mysterium, Exit, Just One, and more!

#4 Explore Zürich 

As locals, you and your friends might already be familiar with the sights and scenery of Zürich. But have you tried strolling around with a bubble tea in hand and a good friend by your side? If you haven’t tried that yet, don’t miss the opportunity! The Bubblish shop is just a throw away from the beautiful lake of Zürich, so you can stroll down or have a picnic there after getting your bubble tea! A cold bubble tea can cool you and your friends down if the sun is too high during your picnic, and a hot milk tea can warm you guys up if you are planning to have a walk during a chilly day.

#5 Create bubble tea together with our DIY kit!

We have mentioned ways on how to enjoy bubble tea with friends after the drinks were made, but how about bonding over making it? Bubblish offers do-it-youself bubble tea kits in various flavors that can serve up to 10 people! And because our boxes came with the recipe, all you and your friends have to do is follow the instructions and savor the moment! If not, follow your heart and make your own creations! When making bubble tea with friends, you are not just making a drink—you’re creating memories.

So, those are some of the many ways to enjoy bubble tea with friends. But don’t be afraid to think of other ways you and your favorite people can hang out over cups of bubble tea. And if all of you are too busy to watch a full-length movie or spend hours on board games, you can always bring them over at Bubblish for a quick bubble tea drink as you catch up with one another. If you have any concerns about our opening hours and menu, just contact us.

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