Non-dairy Creamer or Fresh Milk for Bubble Milk Tea?

by Jadeeyah Abang

Why use Non Dairy Creamer for Bubble Milk Tea - Bubblish

Bubble milk tea, oh me-oh my! Not sure if you should go with fresh milk or creamer? Don’t fret—this blog has got your back to make the right choice for YOU. There are pros and cons to both options so read up on all sides then pick the option that you love best!

What is a non-dairy creamer?

A non-dairy creamer is a substitute for dairy milk and dairy creamer commonly used to whiten coffee and tea. These creamers are available in three forms—granules, powder (similar to baby formula), or liquid. Despite their name, these creamers actually contain a trace amount of sodium caseinate—a protein derived from milk (<0.5%)—and therefore may not be suitable for all individuals with dietary restrictions, although it is lactose-free. 

Non-dairy creamers are renowned for their creamy texture that surpasses the traditional dairy varieties, while still being able to provide the same rich flavor associated with regular milk products. 

In a nutshell, non-dairy creamers offer an excellent alternative for those looking for a lactose-free solution that can still provide the same full flavor of regular dairy options but with added benefits such as improved shelf life and convenience.

Why does Bubblish use a mix of fresh milk and non-dairy creamer in making bubble tea?

In the Land of Happy Cows (Switzerland), Bubblish strives to provide both deliciousness and wholesomeness in our bubble tea. We use Swiss cows’ milk sourced from local farmers who take care of their cattle to ensure a rich, creamy flavor that is also good for your health. At the same time, we stay true to the culture and heritage of traditional bubble milk tea by adding a spoonful of non-dairy creamer which gives an additional layer of taste and texture. This combination creates a luxurious taste that perfectly balances out the richness of the milk and brings out its best flavor.

So if you are looking for something new but don’t want to compromise on tradition, come visit us in Bubblish—we have just what you need! Our bubble teas offer all the deliciousness of traditional bubble milk tea plus all the health benefits of Swiss cows' milk; it’s the best of both worlds in one cup! 

How should I make my bubble milk tea at home?

To each his/her choice—we encourage you to experiment with the different mixes and go with what you like when brewing your own bubble milk tea. Even if you ordered a DIY bubble tea kit from Bubblish, do not feel pressured to use non-dairy creamer—feel free to use the fresh milk you have at home!

But if you have more questions about the ingredients of our milk tea products, just contact us!

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