Does Bubble Tea have Caffeine?

by Jadeeyah Abang

A hand touching tea leaves.
You might have heard or read of caffeine-free tea drinks somewhere in the Internet before, and we at the
Bubblish, Zürich bet that it made you wonder “Does bubble tea have caffeine?” Because why would there be an emphasis on “caffeine-free” if all tea do not have caffeine in them? But don’t worry! This blog can answer your questions.

Does bubble tea have caffeine?

Yes, some bubble tea have caffeine, but not all of them do. There are bubble tea flavors that do have caffeine because they are made with tea, brewed using loose tea leaves that contain caffeine. Some of the well-known caffeinated tea include Assam tea, Jasmine tea, Oolong tea, and Matcha. Meanwhile, there are bubble tea flavors that are made with caffeine-free tea. Some caffeine-free tea you might be familiar with are ginger, peppermint, and chamomile tea.

How much caffeine is in bubble tea?

Now that you know bubble tea does have caffeine, you might be a little worried on how much caffeine there is in the very trendy drink. The amount depends on the type of caffeinated tea used in the recipe and the amount of tea used in each cup. For example, Bubblish’s Assam Milk Tea is made with primarily black Assam tea , a black tea that has high caffeine levels, so you can expect it to have a high level of caffeine. 

On the other hand, our Passion Dragon Fruit Tea is made with Four Seasons Spring, an oolong tea that has very low caffeine in it. But that’s not all! Tea is not the only ingredient that plays a part in a drink’s caffeine content—chocolate can, too! Chocolate drinks have around 2-7mg of caffeine in them, which means chocolate-flavored bubble milk tea drinks can still have caffeine even if the tea used to make them is caffeine-free!

Side note: If you take a look at the selection of loose tea leaves online, you can see which kind of tea have high, medium, and low caffeine levels (Hint: black tea leaves usually have high caffeine). 

Is this caffeine healthy?

This is a very tricky question. Why? Well, it’s because caffeine has both healthy and unhealthy benefits. According to an article in, some of caffeine’s health benefits range from increasing alertness to boosting energy. And because it is rich in natural antioxidants—which is what tea is mostly known for—it can help protect cells against free radicals that may hasten aging and cell degeneration.

But just like many things in life, if not taken in moderation, caffeine can cause unwanted side effects like anxiety, headaches, and sometimes even insomnia. In a nutshell, caffeine is neither purely healthy nor unhealthy: it is about consuming in moderation!.

Luckily, Bubblish offers plenty of bubble tea choices, with or without caffeine all within your pick! If you have questions about the caffeine in our drinks, feel free to contact us!

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