Bubble Tea Party Ideas You Can Do

by Jadeeyah Abang

Photo of a bubble tea party with pastel balloons.

Children who love superheroes have superhero-themed birthday parties, and grown-ups who love masquerade balls held masquerade parties, so why not launch a bubble tea party if you love the said drink so much? 

Anyone can throw a bubble tea-inspired party! The drink is loved by all ages and is made of ingredients that are vegan-friendly, so a bubble tea party is something that anyone can enjoy! And if you are looking for bubble tea party ideas, here are some things you can do to keep the theme alive!

Have a mini bar that serves bubble tea

Lots of parties have mini bars that serve cocktails and other beverages! But since you are having a bubble tea party, going for a bubble tea bar fits the theme of your party more perfectly. A bubble tea bar is just like a minibar except the bartender serves different flavors of bubble tea drinks instead of cocktails. 

And do you know what makes this bubble tea party idea so cool? You do not need to hire an expensive professional mixologist! If you have a friend who loves learning and doing bubble tea recipes, you can hire them!

Have a bubble tea cake

What’s a party without a cake? Cakes are one of the most special elements in a party, especially if it is to celebrate a birthday or any special occasion. 

And to make your party more aligned with the bubble tea theme, it would be more fun to wow your guests with a bubble tea cake! The cake can be designed to look like bubble tea or even have a bubble tea flavor. Besides, you have loads of bubble tea cake designs to choose from which you can request to bake shops that accept customized cake orders!

A photo of bubble tea cake by AwwSam

Image source: https://awwsam.com/2018/01/giant-bubble-tea-boba-cake.html


Use black balloons that look like black bobas

One of the main things bubble tea is known for is its big black boba. So give your bubble tea party a real thematic feel by adorning the venue with big black balloons that look like black bobas inside a bubble tea drink!


Have boba tea-inspired decorations

Black boba-looking balloons are cute and cool, but don’t hesitate to do more! Pump up your venue with more boba tea-inspired decorations. Hang bubble tea banners across the ceiling, put up boba tea posters on the walls, and use bubble milk tea-looking centerpieces for the tables!


Give away bubble tea-themed party favors

One of the coolest bubble tea party ideas you can do is to include the bubble tea theme even in your party favors! Stuff your goody bags with bubble tea stickers, keychains, or even a printout of an electronic gift card from bubble tea shops like Bubblish! You can also give printed or digital bubble tea-inspired party invitations to the guests prior to the party to ensure that everything is aligned with the theme.


There are so many other bubble tea party ideas you can do so you and your guests can have a blast. All you need to have are a creative mind, party-planning skills, and a big love for bubble tea!


But wait, there’s more! If you are also looking for materials to prepare your bubble tea minibar, look no further: Bubblish offers DIY kits (that can serve up to 10 people each!) and plastic bubble tea cup sets you can use for your party. 


For more questions on how we may help you with your bubble tea party, feel free to contact us.


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